interesting web page

Here you are an interesting web page about portfolios and different magazines. There are plenty of them and with so many different layouts.

An interesting web about Portfolio design


I have found a webpage with some advices and questions to guide your own Portfolio creation process. I think it´s quite interesting!

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the 3rd workshop!!

badges.laura albistegi

Badged (Ainhoa Quina)

workshop01 (inma oyarzabal)


The aim of this workshop was to make a freestyle design of some badges and to improve our Illustrator skills, so I did them in different ways to learn the use of this program. As you can see, there isn’t a unique topic for them, I write down some words and try to express them using drawings, for example: Cage, Summertime, Glasses, Collage, Moon, Smile…

Garazi Pradera

#Workshop01#Juan Urretavizcaya

BADGES — Amaia Azkarate

Bagdes – Eihari Alberdi